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Med Spa in Ogden Utah

Here at Aesthetics at Alpine medical spa in Ogden, Utah, we provide medical-grade aesthetic treatments - without surgery! We can help you get rid of stubborn wrinkles, remove dead skin cells, restore lost facial volume with Botox, laser-remove hair and unwanted tattoos, and so much more.

Aside from our aesthetic options, our medical spa also carries the finest and most innovative skin care products and cosmetic injections to help keep your skin healthy in spite of diet and environmental conditions. Some of the name-brands we offer include SkinMedica, ZO, Epionce, and more. At Aesthetics at Alpine, we guarantee that you will feel and look your best by taking part in our products and services.

What We Do At Our Medical Spa

Our medical aesthetics team has specialized training in spa aesthetic treatment and solutions. In addition, our med spa in Ogden, Utah, offers non-invasive services, anti-aging treatments, and cosmetic injections to help you define your beautiful.

Find the treatment you are looking for with our range of rejuvenating services.

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Our Med Spa Services


Skin Care

The first step to creating and maintaining a youthful glow is proper skin care. Our medical spa uses only the highest quality products to help take care of your skin and restore it to its best state. The ingredients in our skincare products will protect your skin from environmental damage, fight the effects of aging, and help your skin look its best every day.


Cosmetic Injections

We offer a variety of cosmetic injections for aesthetic and cosmetic adjustments. For example, our dermal fillers can help restore the youthful look on your face, lips, and under your eyes. Our medical spa also offers Botox® cosmetic injections to help with wrinkles on the face like frown lines and crow’s feet.


Skin Treatment

To help skin rejuvenation even further, Aesthetics at Alpine also has a range of skin treatments at our spa. Some of our treatments include HyrdaFacials, Lymphatic Drainage, Dermaplaning, and others. These gentle procedures will help remove dead skin cells, cleanse your pores, and hydrate your skin to help the you look and feel healthy from the inside out.


Lashes & Brows

Aside from our skincare serices, we also offer treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows. If you want to have your brows tinted, waxed, or laminated, our medical spa can do that for you. We also provide a variety of services when it comes to enhancing your lashes. We offer lash tints, lifts, and extensions to help you achieve the look you desire.


Laser Treatments

Using the latest technology in laser cosmetic treatments Aesthetics at Alpine, we can help you reduce the appearance of age spots, sun spots, freckles, wrinkles, and broken capillaries. Our laser treatments also help improve uneven complexions and help the skin become clear and even-toned.


Vein Treatments

Varicose veins and spider veins can be managed with our specialized solutions. The ClearVein laser treatment is an effective way to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these types of vein issues. The process is safe, effective, and non-invasive.


Laser Hair Removal & Waxing

Our medical spa can help you manage unwanted hair with our hair services. If you are looking for a simple wax, we offer several different types, including underarms, brows, upper lip, and more. To take things one step further, we also have laser hair removal services to help more permanently remove unwanted hair. Harmony Laser hair removal has a gradual heating method that allows it to target hair follicles while avoiding harming the nearby skin.


Tattoo Removal

If you have decided that you no longer want your tattoos, our medical spa can help you safely and effectively remove them. We use lasers to vibrate and break down the ink in the tattoo. Once the area starts healing, the immune system removes the leftover ink particles. This process causes the tattoo to fade with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.



One reason that many women come to Aesthetics At Alpine is for our Femilift services. These are non-surgical, quick, and safe solutions for common feminine issues. We help alleviate symptoms brought on by menopause, hormone deficiency, and post-labor conditions. These feminine concerns are more common than one might think. However, with Femilift, they can be easy to treat and manage.


Aesthetics at Alpine is a medical spa division of Alpine Plastic Surgery. Our purpose and goal are to reveal an individual’s natural beauty and help fight the signs of aging using the latest laser technology and medspa aesthetic injectable products. We have helped put wrinkles, facial lines, excess hair, broken blood vessels, large pores, dark spots, and acne scars in the past for countless satisfied customers.

The Aesthetics at Alpine med spa is here to help you define your beautiful!

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